Sharon Moore, I am the Administrator for Poole Parent Carer Forum.  I am a Mum to 2 children, Matthew 13, who has ASD, SPD, GDD, Dyspraxia and Charlotte who is 10.

We have 2 dogs, Tiny and Jessie, that we enjoy taking out on walks, its one of the few things Matthew enjoys doing as a family. I enjoy gong to concerts, festivals and shows with my Husband and children. My way to relax though is a large glass of Red Wine, a good film and my cross stitching!!

Louise Middleton, married to Dave for 25 years.  We are parents to Craig who is now 19 years old and attending Kingston Maurward.  Craig has learning difficulties, ADD and significant Asperger’s characteristics (although no formal diagnosis).  We enjoy outdoor activities; walking, canoeing, biking, camping.

I have supported children with special needs in a variety of settings for over 15 years, and my experiences have given me an insight into the myriad obstacles that parents must navigate to get the support their child(ren) and families need.  I hope that the forum can provide an effective voice for parents and in working with the local authority we can support improvements and changes to the current system that will have a positive impact on families of children with special needs and disabilities.

Lucy Parr, parent to four children, one of whom (my ten year old son) has a rare chromosome disorder (dup15q syndrome) resulting in additional diagnoses of ASD, communication disorder (currently non verbal), hypotonia, ADHD, severe learning difficulties and intractable epilepsy. He’s a brilliant fun loving boy, but his additional needs mean looking after him is a challenge. He needs constant round the clock support, and eyes on him at all times while he’s awake. My three daughters are great with him, but obviously the family dynamic in our house is vastly different to that of a typical family. I’m currently studying a Masters in Education at the University of Oxford after graduating a psychology degree last year. The plate spinning is horrendous since my hubby also works full time for the local authority, and without family support we are hugely reliant on the carers we employ via Brecon’s budget. I want to be involved in the forum (at least as much as I can!) to ensure parents are heard on decisions which hugely affect us. The recent reforms are meant to give us more voice and input, but the reality is often less ideal.